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Sepi.be offers you a free, very reliable, user friendly and intuitive e-mail solutions with many useful features such as Cross-browser Compatibility, you can upload attachments up to 50 MB and automatically notify all your senders that your are in a vacation.

With sepi.be you can enjoy free email, unlimited storage, superior anti-virus & spam protection and mobile access. And with the sepi.be Online Calendar you have all of your appointments at your fingertips! Go ahead and create your free email account – right now!


Why you should get your own sepi.be email adress?

- 7-fold Superior Spam and Virus Protection
Sepi.be's powerful anti-virus and spam protection system uses innovative and powerful tools to protect you from annoying junk mail by sorting emails automatically – keeping your email account neat and uncluttered. On top of this, our anti-virus tool automatically scans all your incoming and outgoing emails and file attachments using superior and powerful anti-virus scan engines, so you'll never be in danger of receiving emails with virus attachments – or sending them accidentally. That's the level of spam and virus protection you'll get!

- Unlimited Email Storage
Are you lacking email storage space to archive all your messages? Or don't you archive your emails at all? If you're like most people, you probably don't. And with sepi.be, you'll never have to. sepi.be offers you unlimited email storage so you'll never run out of space! And you'll never have to think about archiving your emails ever again. And to make email management much easier, you can make use of our nifty drag & drop functionality – just drag & drop your emails from one folder to another. It's that easy!

- And many more.. just sign up!


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